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I'm On A Mission To Create Another NEW 100 Millionaire Students & 1,000+ Six Figure Earners In The Next 3 Years *December 31st 2027*... The ONLY Question Is:

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These Smart, Hard-Working WealthAcademy Clients Who Put In Tremendous Time, Investment, Energy, And Sweat Equity To Create Their Success.

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Me & My Elite Team of Export Funnel Consultants (Not Just Funnel Builders) Have Helped 1,000's Of Entrepreneurs And Business Owners Just Like You Generate Amazing Results Online. Some Of Our List Of Clients Over The Past Decade Are:

Russell Brunson

Co-Founder of ClickFunnels, company that does $100MILLION+ Per Year is a $100,000+ Client Of Shaqir Hussyin +

mehdi syed

Young Aspiring Teen Goes from broke 15 years old struggling for 3 years to making his first 6-Figures Online before he's 18 Investment in knowledge with Shaqir's Mentorship and now enjoys his 7-Figure "2CC Award".

mark bowness

Scaled From $100,000k per Month to having his first $100.000k week working with Shaqir Hussyin +

zach crawford

Shaqir helped me breakthrough to my first every $100,000+ month, I generated over $190,000 in just 30 days using his

mike barron

Founder and CEO of Limelight Media Scaled To Over $1 million per month after working w/ Shaqir Hussyin +

nathan lucas

7-Figure Earner Freedom YouTube Influencer with 400,000+ YouTube Subscribers Is Client Of Shaqir Hussyin +

akbar sheikh

7 Figure Expert - Akbar Sheikh known as a leading Coach for Coaches has been a private client for over 5+ years.

ken dunn

Ken is a Millionaire Investor and is the founder of the Authority Factory and The Easier Life Mastery Event company.

paul lynch

Founder of Easy Sketch Pro with 100,000+ Clients. Went from selling low ticket to high ticket offers and scaled to $10Million after working with Shaqir Hussyin.

dan lok

World's Number 1 Entrepreneurial YouTube Influencer with 3Million Subscribers - Controversial, Love Him Or Hate Him. He's Got 3Million Subscribers.

jeremy miner

International sales trainer and speaker and the CEO of 7th Level Communications was a $100.000+ client of Shaqir Hussyin (8 Figure Entrepreneur)

scott weddell

Founder of Australia's fastest growing Digital Education Company - generating over $250,000 MONTHLY another client of Shaqir +

zee adam

Achieved Amazing Business & Life Transformation going from a T.J Maxx worker to making multiple 6-Figures to Finally Achieving his First "2CC Award" leveraging his skills and others talents learned at Shaqir's Live Events.

They Did It. So Can You. Here are some of our outstanding success stories.
These smart, hard-working WealthAcademy Clients who put in tremendous time, investment, energy, and sweat equity to create their success.

Who Else Wants To Be Our Next Success Story? Book a 1:1 call below after reviewing.
500+ Client Reviews
(Being Updated For 2021 - Work In Progress)

500+ Client Reviews

(Being Updated for 2024 - Work In Progress)

Since 2009 Shaqir Hussyin has been helping people start wildly profitable digital businesses.

Over 500+ content-rich YouTube videos (for free), over 8,000+ emails sent to the Online Profits Daily Newsletter, thousands of social media posts written & over 150+ high-value blog posts. 

Results from clients to be updated - the list is long so it'll be updated every month with 30-60 new videos...

If you have been impacted by Shaqir's training, courses, and programs, want to be featured here. Send me an e-mail with a video to 

Read through this page of Shaqir Hussyin Reviews to see if we are the right fit.

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Your New FUTURE Starts...
4 Industry Leaders Created
(8 figures)
27 Millionaire Students
(7 figures)
100+  6-Figure Earners Created By This Training...
Thousands Going Full Time.
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Jeremy Miner
International sales trainer and speaker and the CEO of 7th Level Communications was a $100,000+ client of Shaqir Hussyin (8 Figure Entrepreneur)
Scott Weddell
Founder of Australia's fastest growing Digital Education Company - scaled from $100,000 to $400,000 per month after Joining Shaqir's Mentorship.
Mike Bowness
Mike Bowness is a tribe builder who helps coaches, thought leaders, experts and change makers to build purpose driven tribes.
Vitaly attended our 3 day event and has now made multiple 7 figures with mastering online marketing, living in Dubai Villa
Zach Crawford
Founder of Zach Crawford Mentorship Program . See how Zach scaled from $0 to $190,000 in a month after Joining Shaqir's Mentorship.
Jeff Lerner
Founder of awesome ENTRE Nation. Shaqir is one of the best internet marketer in the world and some of the most brilliant marketing insists that I have been exposed to, came from him.
Neil Anderson
Who Else Wants To Travel All Over The World. Joined Shaqir's mastermind for her online business and take it to the next level and Turns Lifestyle Entrepreneur
Alessio Tramontozzi
Personality Branding Expert, Mentor
Grown his Coaching Business so Quickly And so Efficiently that he never thought before after joining Shaqir's Mentorship.

Jenny Tufenkian
Dr. Jenny Tufenkian is a licensed naturopathic physician and clinical instructor at the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) 
Todd Phillips
Teacher, Consultant, Mentor, and known around the world as a game-changing philanthropist. 
Becca Barry - Texas, USA
Mother of 2, Ex-NASA Business strategist. Tried everything, spent 2 days with Shaqir & generated over $100,000 her first 6 months using Done For You FUNNELS + our DONE FOR YOU Traffic Agency.
Jeff Anello, Hong Kong
Learned eCommerce lessons from SH event & now running his own eCommerce shopify store. Turn your passion into profits. 

Lynn Solis - Florida, USA
Took her career away from home. Joined Shaqir's mastermind for her online business and take it to the next level.

Paula Morrison, Australia
From Australia, 65 Year Old Grandma, Makes Up to $9,500 In 30 Days.

Ian Billingham - Hong Kong
Emotional story of how he rose from the ashes, travelling and living the financial freedom by leveraging a system taught 
by Shaqir Hussyin
Manuel Batista - Italy
A big dreamer, entrepreneur creating 
his own success online. 
Bill & Michelle Pescosolido - USA
Industry legends love learning from
Shaqir Hussyin 
Mehdi Syed
16-Year Old, Earns 6-Figures in Less 
Than A Year..From Shaqir Hussyin’s 
Inner Circle Mastermind
Paul Giza
Paul Giza
Get to travel with his family after getting into his own online business by joining Shaqir Hussyin Mastermind.
Troy Hollenbeck
Took His Life-Savings, Went To Vegas, Won Cash Invested IntoThe SHIC Shaqir Hussyin’s Inner Circle Mastermind
Shantelle & Samuel
Who Else Wants To Travel All Over The World Like Shantelle & Samuel who Earned Over $220,000
Irina, Solicitor from Hong Kong
"Learned alot from Shaqir's Event".

Tony Ashbolt, Financial Planner
$60,000 First 4 Months, Financial, Builds His Current Business to 7 Figures+

You don't need any special skills,  you don't need technical skills, you don't need to be a GURU. This kind of business will enable you to work anywhere in the world so you don't have to work 60 hours a week.

You choose. 
Ben Piper - (United States)
At first I was so skeptical, I was worried shaqir would not have the time to coach me and help me. 

Hear Ben talking about his big win: 
$4,000 in one day! how's that for 
a great week.
Jyoti Patel - (United States)
CEO Of A Tech Company, Put Simply. 
Jyoti Just Doesn't Have The Time To Waste Not Getting Results. 

Her Store And Promotions Were Set Up 
In Under 6 Days, And She Managed To 
Make $2k In Less Than 24 Hours. 

Sarwar Hussain
Sarwar is a CEO of a profitable leasing company. He was unsure on wether joining this program would be of value to him, however after taking the plunge, he witnessed his greatest ever month after being in business for 2 years. Rest assured, he cannot wait for the rest of his program and the real actionable value that Shaqir always over delivers on.
Farhan, London, UK 
Joined Shaqir's 3-day event. He learned everything he needed to get started with his online business.
Blown away by the teachings of Shaqir from attending the live 3 days event and excited to apply it to his business.
Ravin - Singapore
Best decision ever made from attending Shaqir's live event by joining into the program.
Chris & Sarah, Ex 20 Year Corporate
From the UK Make $1,000/Day Within
60 Days of Enrolling Inner Circle Mastermind
Scott Smith - 8 Figures In Sales
Sydney, Australia
Internet marketer for years & became 8-Figure sales earner after meeting Shaqir & learned his teachings.
Abdul Waheed
Online Marketer,  London
Attended Shaqir's 3-day live event and learned about the teachings of fundamentals of internet marketing.
Jelena Ostrovska, Online Blogger, Latvia
2 Years doing internet marketing. Learned about leads, sales, conversions during the event she attended.
Haseena, Pharmacist, London, UK
Attended as VIP on the event where she got a lot of things learned from the event in order to get started with her business.
Had an amazing weekend from attending Shaqir's life-changing event, who wants to learn online business.
John Walters
Blogger and  working on jigsaw puzzle pieces of internet marketing  for couple of years now
Meidee Lim - Singapore
Attended 3 Day event and learned about fantastic blogging tips from various millionaire speaker SH.
John Chow
Blogger, speaker and entrepreneur. Speak at Shaqir's event and taught the life-changing information.
Rayyan Khan - $650,000+ In Sales
After Attending 2 Day Intensive
Working with Shaqir Hussyin and have come to generate over $650,000 USD in ecommerce sales in one year.
Chad & Emma, London UK

Found Shaqir's event on facebook and gotten mind blowing content after attending the 3 days.
She enjoyed attending the live event. Learned so much that she want to apply into her own business.
Richard Tee, Singapore
Excited to get out of retirement & do online business ready to implement the learning he got from the event.
Worked in social services. Learned a lot in three days event and ready to start implementing what she learned.
Mohammad Sajid
A software developer. Came to Shaqir event and learned so much about creating a new lifestyle.
Recent graduate of BS. Social Studies. Attended live event & excited to get started make money online.
Left a toxic environment. Quit his job and now set up his own business for better opportunities learned from the event.
Suchira Tan, Accountant & Retiree
Struggling to make money online but after attending Shaqir's event & she just made $6,500 USD applying what she learned.
Nido - Copywriting
Attended Shaqir's event before, implementing the strategies he learned and now one of Shaqir's speakers.
Andre Chaperon, Email Marketer
Attended the 3-Day live event and learned a lot and highly recommend to attend Shaqir's event life-changing opportunity.
First time attending live event and was blown away learning different tips & strategies to make money online.
Moved to a new place to start all over. Seek help to start with online business and met Shaqir & attend the event.
Rohan Sheth - Agency Owner
Attended many events and now as a Speaker to share his experience and success from his online business.
Mila - Estonia
Ready to implement what she learned from the 3 day event. Enjoyed from the event meeting speakers and new people.
Silvio Fortunato - Millionaire
Portugal Number 1 Marketer
Top Leader. Top Earner. Made almost $1M and ready to go to the next step learning how to manage his own business.
Kathryn McMillan
Attended live event of Shaqir & learned so much that she can use in her online business taking to the next level. 
Amy Cheung, Sydney Australia
Ex Corporate Leader
Shaqir's loyal subscriber. Had an amazing experience learning from the masters of internet marketing attending Shaq's event
Zee Adam, London, UK
Over $200,000+ Earned
Shaqir's loyal subscriber since he started online marketing on 2015. Generated $200k following Shaqir's system.
Aaron Koh - Singapore

Engineer having a stable job looking for a passive income to share more time with his family and friends.
Attended the event and was happy to learn about techniques in getting traffic and use it in her own business.
Yousef - UK
Affiliate Marketer. Attended the 3 day event to learn some strategies to sure help him with his own business.
Had attended the fantastic & amazing event. Has her own business and ready to implement what she learned.
Susan Stokes - United Kingdom
Shaqir's follower. Attended his event to learn new content to apply to her business, meet speakers and people.
Peter Dalley - London
Got lots of tips & ideas to drive his own internet marketing. Met speakers & amazing people at the event.
Adewale Lawal - UK
Attended the live event as one the best thing he did. Got inspired from success stories and now making his own success.
Asif Mughal - UK
Business coach. He keeps attending live event, got notes & information and got so much value from what he learned.
Nicola Essex
Online business holder. Has her own magazine 'Film Curiosity'. Attended the live event to learn more about traffic.
Learned a lot of new things at this event and glad to meet Shaqir Hussyin. Event was great!
Chris Rowell, Speaker & Trainer
Great speaker. Teaching people how to start a business online with Shaqir business strategies.
Jim Cummings -
Professional Speaker
Has an online business for over 2 yrs now & best training he ever attended was Shaqir's event.
Started his new online marketing venture while getting his financial freedom and time freedom.
Purnam Tamu - Nepal

New to the business who attended the event. Got a lot of idea to take into action learning from the speakers.
Matt Farmer, Vancouver -
Agency Owner 
Speaker. Entrepreneur. Spoke at Shaqir's event teaching about scaling on Facebook. Earned $2M in one day.
Fraser Wiley - Scotland

Got a lot of valuable information that he can apply to his own business during the event.
Valerie Gasy - France

First time to attend a live event. Meet a lot of people across the globe & find the content really interesting.
David Steiert - UK
Meet great speakers at the event. Find the event really interesting & vibrant and excited to implement what he learned.
Dr. Naidu
Very passionate learning about marketing strategy to implement in his own business after attending the live event.
Claudia Caruso - Montreal, Canada
Corporate Trainer. Learned specifically about affiliate marketing & opened her mind to a whole new world.
Sarah - UK
Studied as a Nurse and work at Health Care. Attended the event to look for financial freedom opportunity.
Jonathan - UK
Medical Student doing clinical rotations. Learning online marketing business that he can implement in the future.
Attended the event and learn how to build your own system that work with or without you managing.
Judith - London, UK
She attended the live event and have learned about eCommerce and affiliate marketing.
John Tex
Direct Sales Top Earner. One of Shaqir's successful student. Met Shaqir at marketing conference. 
Paul - UK
Aspiring Entrepreneur. Learned a lot in the event that were very useful to start with his business.
Bayo - UK
Entrepreneur. Had a great insight from attending 3 day event that he can use in this affiliate and eCom business.
Charles - UK
IT Technician. Got great content, great resources he can use to start with even with no experience.
Muhammad Khalid - UK
CEO, Founder of Partners In Knowledge. Corporate trainer. Learned mainly about social media business.
Mike Glynn - B2B Service Provider
Entrepreneur | Consultant. Attended Shaqir's event to learn more about how to get more customers in the business.
Julie Lawal - Corporate Trainer
Shaqir Inner Circle Member. Affiliate Marketer. Learning some tips, techniques and strategies from Shaqir himself.
Snep, Pilot Trainer School
High End Consultant & Pilot Trainer looking to expand income streams using Digital Marketing & Affiliate Marketing. 
Gary - New Castle
Following Shaqir for 5+ Years.
Been into online business for a couple of years now. Ready to implement what he learned from Shaqir at the event.
Own an online business. Attended Shaqir's event to take his business to the next level. 
Digital Marketer. Met Shaqir at the TMS event. Want to sharpen her skills & learn more stuff to implement in her business.
Ivano Traino - Italy
Business owner. Attended Shaqir's event to learn how to improve his business by learning strategies and tips.
Chris - London, UK
CEO | Self-Made Entrepreneur. Got the right information from the event and now taking his business on the next level.
Raj - Nepal
Business Owner. Found helpful things to implement in his business from attending the 3-day event.
Danny - London, UK
Internet Marketer. Inspired with Shaqir story and invested, earns over $10K per month starting from scratch...
Jabu - London, UK
Affiliate Marketer. Learned a lot of content in the event that he can use. A big help from his affiliate business.
Jarico - Hongkong
University student. Has gained knowledge & inspired by Shaqir and successful people who spoke at the event. 
Robert - UK
Attended the 3 day event to learn how to get another way of passive income that he can use in the future.
Krista - HongKong
Business owner. The knowledge and information he got from the event helps him in the business he is doing now.
Giles - Hongkong
Worked in a corporate job. Set up his own company and attended the event to get helpful information he can use.
Kirin - London, UK
Attended the live event to get great opportunities in his business in affiliate marketing.
Jabreel - London, UK
15Yrs Ex-Corporate banker. Affiliate Marketer. Work in internet marketing. An Author and a Blogger. 
Hannes Kuehn - Germany
Self-made entrepreneur. Attended many events Shaqir's event has known to be his best event attended so far.
John - London, UK
Solicitor | Real Estate Investor. Gained a lot from learning valuable topics at the event. 
Linda Gould - USA
Entrepreneur. Network Marketer. Have got much information while attending the event and ready to start implementing.
Sign up in the event to learn about the online business and to get started on his own. Taking action.
Attended Shaqir business show event to start his own digital marketing and help him to grow.
Attended the event to see what's going on in the digital market and transition from physical to digital product base market.
Armando - Milano, Italy
Attended the event and learned a lot from the teaching of Shaqir. The kind of teaching he needs to start his business.
Tunji Olajemi
Book Author | Coach. Joined Shaqir's event and learned the key thing in the business to take it to the next level. 
Sarah Goff, London, UK
20-year corporate employee now a successful eCommerce owner after attending Shaqir's Mastermind training.
Tiz Gambacorta, London, UK
Mastermind attendee: Applied strategies and formula for effective ads mind-blown,
added a extra chunk of cash to his
bottom line.
Hetta Galdo, Wales, UK
Self-made entrepreneur.  Attended many events Shaqir's event has known to be his best event attended so far.
Paul Bolu
Paul "The Pastor" Bolu 
Mastermind attendee: Applied strategies and formula for effective ads mind-blown,
added a extra chunk of cash to his
bottom line.
Paul Bolu
Johnathan Belima, USA
Sign up in the event to learn about the online business and to get started on his own. Taking action.

Jeremy Folkestad, Canada
Attended the event and learned a lot from the teaching of Shaqir. The kind of teaching he needs to start his business.

Gregory Cooke, Australia
Online Entrepreneur. Targeted Australian women on Facebook for the MAA brands and haveclosed  $3k in a day for the brand.

500+ Customer Reviews+ To Be Added
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