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Get a FREE 3-Step Action Plan For Your Digital Business Goals That Will Show You What To Do To Unlock Your Next Level of Digital Business Growth

We’ll review your Digital Business Growth strategy, find the roadblocks preventing you from starting & scaling, and develop a clear 3-Step Action Plan that will get you results ASAP.

You’ll walk away feeling clear, focused and confident knowing exactly what to do to take your SaaS to the next level.

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Getting clients is hard. In a oversaturated market, you want to stand out from the sea of sameness.

Our customised, tailored and done for you sales funnels, offers and lead gen solutions will be customised to you. we understand every business owner is different, you are too. We offer customised, bespoke and personalised solutions for ultimate fast track when it comes to succeeding with digital marketing sales funnels. 

After doing this for over 15+ years, 1,000+ funnels built, we know what works and what doesn't. 

Schedule your call today to discover which funnels is right for you.

This will be the most impactful 30-minutes you’ve spent all year to start up & scale up your business. When we’re finished, you’ll have:

Step #1 - You Apply For Your FREE FUNNELS Kickstarter

Discover the 3 Steps helps us identify where you are right now, what your missing gaps are, and the missing pieces to the puzzle of online marketing success that you so desire, deserve and dream about. 

Look, I've been doing this stuff for over 12+ years, known as one of the youngest, fastest growing success stories and NOT a one-hit-wonder, but someone who is in the trenches deep down running multiple 8 figure business. 

 YES! I Want My FREE Funnels Audit Kickstarter 

Step #2 - You Speak Directly With Me Or One Of My 7-Figure Success Coaches

These are friendly and trusted experts I've personally trained, coached and mentored.

Once you’ve applied, you’ll take part in a private call with me or one of my 7-figure success coaches, where we’ll get answers to the following questions:

​Do you have an existing online business?

How many leads are you getting? 

​Do you have a list of subscribers? 

​What are the biggest challenges you’re struggling with? 

​What does your current sales funnel look like and how does it convert? 

​How much are you making per month? 

​How much would you like to make per month? 

Once we’ve got a firm understanding of who you are, where you’re at, and what your goals are, we’ll move on the next step, which is…

Step #3 - We Show You How To Implement Our Fully Automated And Highly Leveraged Business Model

With the basic questions answered, then it’s time to focus on teaching you and showing you exactly how to implement our fully automated and highly leveraged internet business model, which is based on three important principles:

​Building And Deploying A High-Converting Marketing System For Your Business

​Driving Lots And Lots Of High Quality Traffic To Your Sales Funnel 

​Scaling Up Your Business To The Seven-Figure Level By Leveraging Done-For-You Services 

This is where I show you, step-by-step, how to take your business from Square 1 all the way to the Seven-Figure mark...

If we feel like you’re a good fit, I’ll invite you to become one of the 1000 six-figure earners and 100 brand new Internet Millionaires I’m on a mission to create in the next 12 months.

If not, you’ll still walk away with a game plan to crush your goals this year...

Because the truth is that many of my students make as much as $20,000 to $50,000 per month and some have gone to make $500,000-$1,500,00 PER MONTH using my strategies and systems…

Please ONLY Book Your Call If You Are Serious About Growth. We Often Get 20-50 Booked Calls Per Day & We Work With Serious Applicants ONLY.
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  • Identify Your strategic funnels plan for getting customers 
  • A renewed sense of clarity and direction on how to do this 
  • Your next steps to scale your business to the next level resulting in more money in your pocket

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Every One of These Success Stories Started with a Funnels & Ads Strategy Call. From total newbies to 6,7,8 and even 9 figure entrepreneurs.

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Me & My Elite Team Of Expert Funnel Consultants
(not just funnel builders) have helped 1,000's of Entrepreneurs and Business owners just like you generate amazing results online, Some of our clients are:

Russell Brunson

Co-Founder of ClickFunnels, company that does $100MILLION+ Per Year is a $100,000+ Client Of Shaqir Hussyin +

mehdi syed

Young Aspiring Teen Goes from broke 15 years old struggling for 3 years to making his first 6-Figures Online before he's 18 Investment in knowledge with Shaqir's Mentorship and now enjoys his 7-Figure "2CC Award".

mark bowness

Scaled From $100,000k per Month to having his first $100.000k week working with Shaqir Hussyin +

zach crawford

Shaqir helped me breakthrough to my first every $100,000+ month, I generated over $190,000 in just 30 days using his

mike barron

Founder and CEO of Limelight Media Scaled To Over $1 million per month after working with Shaqir Hussyin +

nathan lucas

7-Figure Earner Freedom YouTube Influencer with 400,000+ YouTube Subscribers Is Client Of Shaqir Hussyin +

akbar sheikh

7 Figure Expert - Akbar Sheikh known as a leading Coach for Coaches has been a private client for over 5+ years.

ken dunn

Ken is a Millionaire Investor and is the founder of the Authority Factory and The Easier Life Mastery Event company.

paul lynch

Founder of Easy Sketch Pro with 100,000+ Clients. Went from selling low ticket to high ticket offers and scaled to $10Million after working with Shaqir Hussyin.

dan lok

World's Number 1 Entrepreneurial YouTube Influencer with 3Million Subscribers - Controversial, Love Him Or Hate Him. He's Got 3Million Subscribers.

jeremy miner

International sales trainer and speaker and the CEO of 7th Level Communications was a $100.000+ client of Shaqir Hussyin (8 Figure Entrepreneur)

scott weddell

Founder of Australia's fastest growing Digital Education Company - generating over $250,000 MONTHLY another client of Shaqir +

zee adam

Achieved Amazing Business & Life Transformation going from a T.J Maxx worker to making multiple 6-Figures to Finally Achieving his First "2CC Award" leveraging his skills and others talents learned at Shaqir's Live Events.

More Than 31 Millionaire Students, 5 Of Them Over 8 Figures ($10M) & Countless Zero To 6 Figure Stories From All Over The World 🎉 

Neil Anderson - USA

Corporate Sales Trainer
I love working with Shaqir Hussyin & The FUNNELS team, I'm using their done for you funnels to get booked calls and positioned myself with high ticket offers.

Dr Jenny Tufenkian, USA

Naturopathic Physician and Clinical instructor
Dr. Jenny Tufenkian is a licensed naturopathic physician and clinical instructor at the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) helps clients get boundless energy.

Mike Bowness - Australia

7 Figure Tribe Builder
Mark Bowness is a tribe builder who helps coaches, thought leaders, experts and change makers to build purpose driven tribes he went from making 100k months to making upto $100,000 IN A WEEK!

Becca Barry - Texas, USA

Ex-NASA Business strategist
Mother of 2, Ex-NASA Business strategist. Tried everything, spent 2 days with Shaqir & generated over $100,000 her first 6 months using Done For You FUNNELS + our DONE FOR YOU Traffic Agency.

Jamal Ahmed - UK

DATA Privacy Expert
Made his first 5 sales "With ZERO Paid Ads" helping others Protect their Organisations from Reputational Damage & Fines by Solving Data Privacy & GDPR Risks

Ian Billingham - Hong Kong

Ex 9-5 Corporate
Ex Corporate $300k per year earner shares his emotional story of being able to generate tens of thousands of dollars in a single weekend after working with us.

As Of [#today:{Month},{date}] Spots Are Running Out

As Of [#today:{Month},{date}] Spots Are Running Out

We've Educated Tens Of Thousands Of Clients All Over The
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Stages (Offline + Online) 🎉 

As Of [#today:{Month},{date}] Spots Are Running Out

As Of [#today:{Month},{date}] Spots Are Running Out

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