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So What The Heck Is A Sales Funnel And Why Do I Need One?
From: Shaqir Hussyin,
Founder of 7 multi-million dollar online businesses
Dear Friend,

Welcome to!

Let me ask you something:

Have you ever found yourself in the checkout line at the grocery store or supermarket, and noticed all the gum, mints, and candy bars near the cash?

I’m sure you have…

You’ve probably even decided to grab one or more of these items that you didn’t really need on your way out one day, just because they were sitting there.


Well these additional purchases are what’s known as upsells, and they’re an essential step to making millions online…

…because once a customer has decided to buy ONE thing from you, they’re much more likely to buy a 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th product from you!

That’s the power of a sales funnel:

It’s a fully-automated way to convert leads into buyers, and convince those buyers to purchase MULTIPLE products in one single order!

Now, why is it SO important that every business has a sales funnel?

It’s because of a little thing called CPA, or cost-per-acquisition
The Big “Secret” To Making Money Online Is That The Real Profits Aren’t In The 1st Sale…
(They’re In The 2nd, 3rd, And 4th Sales!)
Cost-per-acquisition is the cost you PAY to acquire every single new customer you bring in…

…and no matter what kind of business you’re running, you have a CPA that you pay for each new customer (whether you know what that number is or not)…

Let’s take McDonald’s as an example:
  • They pay $1.91 in advertising costs just to get you to in the door…
  •  Which means that if the only thing they manage to sell you is a hamburger that costs $2.09, then they only make $0.18 in profits!
The “Old School” Way To Build Funnels Costs Over $20,000 And Often Takes At Least 12 Weeks To Finish…
I’ve been building sales funnels in my various online businesses for the past 7 years now, but the problem with the “old school” way of building them has always been how expensive and time-consuming it was…

Take a look and see for yourself:
Here’s the thing…

Even with how much money it cost and how LONG it took to build this sales funnel…it was STILL a complete “no-brainer”!


Because this specific funnel now makes me as much as $27,947 per DAY!

But still, I wanted to figure out a way to:

SLASH how much it cost to build a sales funnel just like this one from scratch…
SPEED UP the process so that anyone could quickly get a funnel like this one up and running fast…
And today, I’m proud to share with you the results of years of hard work, and hundreds of $1000s of dollars in testing and development…
The World’s #1 Most Powerful And Easy-To-Use Sales Funnel Builder… is the world’s #1 most powerful and easy-to-use sales funnel builder…

…and it’s exactly what you need to quickly build and launch a highly profitable sales funnel:
  • Comes with 36+ Proven Sales Funnel Templates
  • Drag & Drop Editor Allows You To Build Beautiful Pages With Ease
  • Includes 20+ ‘How-To’ Sales Funnel Videos
  • Build A Sales Funnel From Scratch In 10 Minutes Or Less
With, you can EXPLODE your business by leveraging one of our proven sales funnel templates, or by building your own custom sales funnel from scratch…
How Do I Figure Out What
Funnel I Should Use?
The truth is that what funnel you should use depends on what kind of business you’re in

But the bottom line is that no matter what you do, there is a specific type of sales funnel that is perfect for your business!

Whether you’re selling:
  • Information products
  • Physical products
  • Digital services
  • Local brick-and-mortar services
  • Or anything else
…there is a sales funnel for YOU! We’ve got everything from… Opt-In Funnels… Product Launch Funnels… Webinar Funnels…

… And much, much more!
How Do I Figure Out What
Funnel I Should Use?
The best part about is that you don’t have to glue your funnel together with a “mish-mash” of fragmented tools and software…

With, you can easily get rid of most (if not ALL) of the following software tools:
  • Landing Page Builders
  • Funnel Tracking
  • Shopping Cart (this can also be integrated w/
  • Email Autoresponder Integrations
  • Photoshop
  • Wordpress
  • Website Hosting
And much, much more . . . is the all-in-one marketing and sales funnel solution that’s going to save you HUNDREDS of dollars every single month…

…and make building and launching highly profitable sales funnels easier than ever before!
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Q: How are you different from your competitors?
1 - Faster Results. What often takes weeks with our competitors, takes just a few minutes with You simply map out your funnel with the drag and drop funnel builder, and all the magic happens automatically and instantly!

2 - More Powerful Results. When you place next to any competitor, feature-for-feature, our software stands head and shoulders above them. Pretty much *anything* you can imagine, simple or complex, is effortlessly handled for you.

There is quite simply no other tool on the planet that gives you the power that you get with

3 - Our Templates are PROVEN. When you use, you can be confident in knowing that the funnel templates we provide have all been used in major 6 and 7 figure marketing promotions.

This means, not only is extremely fast & easy to use, everything we you build is based on PROVEN results! So just by using the software, your chances of succeeding skyrockets.
Q: How quickly can I build my funnel? Does it really only take 10 minutes?
One of our best attributes is how quickly you can put together a successful marketing funnel.

With one click, you have access to dozens of proven, pre-created marketing funnels and page templates already proven to perform in the real world.

Then, all you have to do is walk down a simple checklist and fill-in-the-blanks.

Assuming all your assets prepared; it’s absolutely possible to launch a successful marketing funnel in 10 minutes.

With that said, you might choose to build a brand new funnel or template from scratch. Naturally, this will take longer than 10 minutes, but the idea is that what used to take weeks for your programmer to build, can literally be accomplished in minutes.
Q: What support will I get from you after I sign up?
Our team is here to help you succeed.


Because if you succeed, you’ll continue to be our customer.

Our first rate support team is available to answer your questions from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM through email support and chat support between Monday to Friday (EST).

They’re experts at Funnels, and are always there in case you get stuck, or need some hand holding.

Also, we provide a comprehensive training package, free of charge that includes dozens of videos, a 400+ page user manual, a comprehensive knowledge base, and even recordings to LIVE training calls.

Once inside, we’ve got you covered!

To reach our support team, email us at:
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